What up yall I am blogging at the request of my friend Mac O'Bryan who is a very loyal Lakers fan. He pisses me off though, how can he like Fisher more than me? I am the greatest who ever played. Anyway, Mac is all on Rajon Rondo's nuts nowadays, what about my nuts son? I am the greatest who ever played. All I gots now is Willy Bob, pfff...

Anyway, you know we gonna sweep the Suns. In case you are blind, Steve Nash is WHITE. White people can't make shots in NBA Live, you think he can make shots in real life? You crazy. Here's my opinion of Steve Nash:

I'll teabag him all day. Now my nuts got Willy Bob AND Steve Nash. I'll let them win one game so I can clinch the series at home. Lakers in 5 baby.

Oh yeah, did you see Lebrick James fail in games 5 and 6 against the Celtics? That fool crazy, he's not good enough to beat them. Only I can, because I am the greatest. I'll allow him to become my right hand man though. Lebron: take the midlevel exception and come to LA. Of course, I am already the King of Los Angeles so the media can start calling you Queen James.

I will take some time to answer questions from my loyal fans:

401k: what's it like being super rich and having people wait on you?
Kobe: Kobe!

Anhdi: what's going through your mind as you take a game winning shot?
Kobe: Kobe!

CP: Has Gasol ever tried to sell flowers and oranges to you?
Kobe: Ko ..... wait... man that's just racist.

Anyway, I gotta go back to practicing my free throws. I shoot one hundred thousand free throws before every game to warm up. I'm half way done so I have about 16 hours of free throws left. Peace out yall


- Kobe


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

... that made me hate kobe

Willy Bob said...

I love you kobe! *screams

Anh Di said...

two corrections:
his nuts have willy bob, nash, and anh di

and when anh di goes up for a shot he thinks: hey anh di !