Bitter Ending

Unfortunately the other team pulled an Artest =[. MOB final record 4-1. Playoff 0-1. Thanks for the season guys, can't wait for next year.

Today's Tips: 5 Ways to Get a Man to Listen!

1. Get their Attention - If you want us to listen, choose a time when you can get their undivided attention

2. Speak loud enough - We don’t hear as well as women. Honestly. It starts at birth.

3. Get to the point - Most of us want the bottom line. You have to learn to say what you want in thirty seconds or less.

4. Say what you want. - If you are asking for something or recommending a change, just say it.

5. Finally, stop talking when you are done. - When you have made your point and everyone agrees with you, STOP TALKING.


1 comment:

Willy Bob said...

LOL thirty seconds or less and stop talking

addition to one: aka not during video games, watching sports or gun cleaning time

*flashing usually gets attention*