Went to Chilis today and ordered chicken crispers. The crispy layer on the outside didn't seem to be as crispy as it usually was, but whatever, I was hungry so I just kept on eating. The fries were great! & The honey mustard was delicious as always (for some reason it reminded me of McDonald's honey mustard more than ever). But then out of the corner of my eye I spotted something disturbing on the plate... a piece of the chicken that I cut up was clearly uncooked, not undercooked but uncooked. If things couldn't get worse, I swear there was a fry that looked like it was bit... but I didn't bring that up to my waitress. Waitress took back the plate, manager came out and asked if there was anything else we wanted, got a free basket of fries. and of course, they didn't charge us for the chicken crispers. The waitress came by and apologized sincerely as if it were her fault, made me feel bad so i tipped her $3........ wait a sec..... SOB! FK Salt! She got me, she got me good!

Blended Thai Tea tastes like Thai Tea...but colder =]