Latte Break #3 Vol. 1

Inspired by Paper Planes, if you guys ever forget the link to the blog, make sure to come to the blog and click on this link:

Here's a screenshot in case you don't know what it looks like:

If you need to look for something on the internets, click on this link: It's very helpful because there are a lot of links that can help you.

Remember to e-mail your friends and chat all the time. I heard it is a popular thing to do. Also, make sure to comment on everything, everywhere in facebook. You might make your friends sad if you don't!

Be sure to e-mail me about this! I may not know about it. Okay now... who's up for some Fantastic Basketball?

Signed "Do you have an e-mail? We can chats!" - Tonster


Willy Bob said...

LOL! Let's chat at 10pm tonight on 9/30/2010 okay? lmao

J.Frosty said...

LMFAO. +10 Tony!

Mac said...

so sad, yet so true lol

i dont think he even comes to this blog because theres no comments from him.

also, from now on let's try to send him a private message to tell him what he's doing wrong and WHY it's wrong. Maybe he'll figure it out or not, but at least we're doing our part. There is still hope.

Anh Di said...

bruuutal lmao..