GmG: calling generic things by their brand names

Get ready to shake your fists because it's another edition of "You Know What Really Grinds my Gears?"

It annoys me when people call things by a brand name all the time. Stop calling tissues "Kleenex", bandages "Band-Aids" and diapers "Pampers". What makes it even worse is that sometimes they don't even have that correct brand when they call stuff by that name. Otherwise it would be "Hey can you hand me that Kirkland Signature tissue? Thanks"

Imagine a world in which people can liberally apply brand names to any generic item. "Wanna play Spaulding at the park? Let's jump on my Harley" "Dude that's a Baiden basketball and you have a mo-ped" "Whatever man let's take the Ford then" "You mean your '86 Corolla?" "Geez man you're being mean, fine whatever let's just jog there. I need to break in my new Nikes." "You mean you're Payless Shoes shoes?"


Mother Russia said...

In that case, you can't use the terms "google", "q-tip", or "photoshop" either. There's probably more, and I'm guilty of using these terms so I'm pretty sure I grind your gears then haha

Khorn said...

Well then, you wouldn't want to live in Texas and try to order a drink. Everything there is Coke!