Family Guy Outlook #2

So I came across another event where the moment was ruined because of Family Guy. I think I will come across these often enough that they deserve their own section (new label!).

So I'm just gonna say this straight out, because if you're a Harry Potter fan, you already know, and if you don't already know, you're not a fan. So Severus Snape is the hero in the last book of Harry Potter. He kept everything a secret and agreed to pretend to be the bad guy. His main motivation the entire time was his love for Lily (Harry's mom). Anyway, Lily married James Potter, a bona fide douchebag that Severus hated. And even after they had a child, Snape still loved Lily.

But anyway, when he arrives at the Potter's house after Voldemort kills Harry's parents, he ignores the baby Harry, who's still alive, and clings on to Lily's dead body. I think half of the people in the theater were sad and the other half were creeped out by this scene. I almost blurted out laughing! And here is why:

Sorry, these two videos don't allow embedding, so click these links to see Quagmire in action.

But anyway, I don't mean this to take away from the passion of Severus Snape. I feel his pain man, I understand. It's just... he needed to move on. Like, after Lily got married. Or after she died. Or after 17 years after her death. But it's his choice, haters will hate and lovers will love. He was a lover.

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lol, daily community service, stewie is great =]