Know The Law – Or Get Owned

So I had to park out in the streets yesterday and I was rushing because I didn’t want to be miss my train.. I saw a open parking spot next to a fire hydrant. I pull in and leave 2-3 feet clearance thinking that was more than enough. I double check to make sure the curb is not painted red, which it wasn’t.

I come back to my car at night and there was a parking ticket for $68. I was thinking of fighting it, but I looked up the CA vehicle code and it says:

V C Section 22514 Fire Hydrants

22514. No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle within 15 feet of a fire hydrant except as follows:

a) You’re in the car and can move it as needed
b) Local city law says okay to park closer than 15 feet
c) Your car is a fire truck

So know the law or get owned!


Anonymous said...

Ooo I guess you can consider yourself lucky. Some parking enforcers will douche it up and cite you for a "red zone" ticket & claim that the hydrant implied that it was a red zone. I had a friend that had his bumper stick out onto a handicap "blue zone" next to the curb in LA. He was basically parked in loading zone with a few other cars that belonged to our friends. We were the drivers for a group of people. We were waiting on the curb & this parking enforcer walked up and just cited him for a handicap zone violation even though he immediately offered to move his car. I don't think it helped when my friends & I started heckling the P.E. as he was writing the ticket thereafter. lol *Sigh

Willy Bob said...

Dang...that sucks man.

J.Frosty said...

whoops, i guess i forgot to move my fire hydrant space saver =X

Bryan said...

that 15 feet rule is BS. they dont need that much room, they have long hoses. I say dont give tickets, but if a fire truck really needs to use it, and there's water damage to the car, the car's owner cannot sue the city.

Khorn said...

Suck balls.