MF! I cant believe im doing it too!

For the longest time, I use to yell at people (they can't hear it since im in my car) that are standing at the bus stops that keep looking down the street to see if their bus is coming. Like this guy below:

They sometimes tiptoe to look over cars that are coming. Whenever I see this I'm like "you idiot! the bus will come when it comes! looking isn't going to make it come any faster!"

Well now that I take the public transportation, MF I'm doing it too! I find myself occasionally looking down the track to see when the train will come. Ah it's killing me..

I guess I understand why the other people do it too. It comes down to having nothing else to do so you're just curious to see if the next bus or train is coming yet.


Willy Bob said...

haha...or you're impatient and have the urge to look!

Bryan said...

there's a difference between waiting for a train or a bus. You don't have to look for a train. But you NEED to look for a bus to check it's number when you hear it coming. The reason is that some stops have multiple bus lines, and you a bus won't stop unless you wave it down. I know this, I assumed buses always stopped, but I got effed once when I was waiting for the bus. I had to wait 15-20 minutes for the next one.

J.Frosty said...

lol, now i can drive by and scream at you!