The Past

If you've been on netflix lately you might've noticed a couple wrestling documentaries. Well, i've been watching them =P. It all started when i got bored and watched one. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately watched another one. I have a really good time watching these, a lot more than i thought i would. Even though I used to be a pretty huge wrestling fan, watching Raw or Smackdown whenever i could, I always thought i grew out of it and in a sense I did. The superstars of today just fail to reel me in like the stars of the past. I guess that's why i enjoy these documentaries so much, they take me back to when i was a child. I mean, i really enjoy it and get into it, NBD i even got emotional when the stars got emotional in the video.

And that's what bring me to my main point of this post, Wrestling has produced some pretty great people. The ones that made it big, and by big i mean eternally remembered by fans and future wrestlers, are the ones that earned it through thick and thin. They're some of the most humble and appreciative people ever and have great stories to be told. Some of these people can rightfully call themselves the best sports entertainers in the world. As i watched these documentaries I truly feel happy for the wrestler and his success. It makes me feel good and replenishes my hope for all tight spandex wearing men. Very nice!


Khorn said...

Director/roommate movie is coming out sometime in the spring about wrestling. Main protagonist is some Asian guy, maybe even get free tickets to the showing.

CP said...

Everyone list of their favorite wrestlers and why! Here is my favorite list which changed as I continued to watch

1)X-Pac: b/c of his suck it move

2)Cactus Jack: b/c of his cool name

3) Kurt Angel (i mean angle): just b/c! American hero!

Bryan said...

wrestling back then was cool. there was violence and blood. now it's gay and they try to entertain little kids.

1) Triple H : good moves, awesome finisher, and best intro
2) Shawn Michaels: fun character. Gay but still cool intro.
3) Bret Hart : great technical wrestler. Hart vs Stone Cold in Wrestlemania will always be #1 match for all time.
4) Stone Cold : Redneck personality was fun to watch. I always thought Rock was annoying.
5) Chris Jericho : I really like high flyers. Jericho was always FUN to watch. The opposite of fun is Untertaker vs Big Show. Tons of slapping and chokegrabs, but nothing fun.

J.Frosty said...

1. HBK & HHH in Degeneration X....uber fan boy!
2. Eddie Guerrero
3. Sting

somewhere in some list: Pre-unstabble Rabid Chris Benoit lol, i loved that guy until he snapped.