Superior or Douche!

I give to you another event in which you can decide the subject is superior or douche!

Today I had to help my dad install a water heater at someone's house. Skip some details, we're at Home Depot doing some water heating shopping. First event incident, I was looking for some heat shrink but it took some time to find an employee to assist me and when i found one he had no idea what i was talking about. Second event incident, after failing to assist me the employee scrambled to find another employee to assist me. Third event incident, repeat incidents one and two lol. Fourth event incident, finally got what i was looking for! Fifth event incident, got some plywood cut, first two cuts are free and any additional cuts are 25 cents each. Employee gave me 4 cuts for free, Superior!. Sixth and final event incident, as i'm waiting near a cashier for my dad to pick something up real quick this white guy is walking to the front with an unhappy aura about him, while mumbling something under his breath about no one in sight to assist him. He walks straight to a lady cashier who is sharing a conversation with another cashier (both of which have no one to ring up) and says to her "Get over there *points at the lady's cash register* and get back to work"

Let's stop here, it's clear that the guy was a little frustrated about his visit and took it out on the cashier but what we don't get from this is that he also had his son (i assume) helping him. So while he is talking down to the cashier his son is standing there in embarrassment. That's two accounts of Douche'n for the Dad in my book.

As the cashier hesitantly rings the guy up she is showered with "You guys need to work" and "That's the problem here", all of which she just let's pass. As the guy finishes up his purchase the cashier tells the guy that he is rude and he responds with... "I'm a nice guy"...... Strike Three! Three accounts of Douche'n for the Dad and that's life in the book of douches. GG Ya Bastard!


Willy Bob said...

Although the lady is in the wrong for bad customer service (I'm sure her boss wouldn't have been happy to hear that she was standing around chit chatting), that guy is definitely a da da da douche! He could have asked her politely to ring him up and as a parent, he should be ashamed to set such an example to his son. Since when does nice mean acting like a dick?

Bryan said...

he shoulda told the cashier "keep the change, ya filthy animal" to complete the douche dragon within.

the dumb idiot was probably frustrated because his pride prevented him for asking for what he was looking for. so he probably wasted alot of time. there's always help available at the home depot. although they may not always know alot (like jon's story) they are in every other aisle it seems.

J.Frosty said...

sorry lol, guess the story was a bit unclear

the cashier he told to go back to work had an open register with no one in line. she was talking to the cashier next to her, which also had no one in line. The white guy was the only person and they would've helped him as soon as he got there but he had to douche it up.

Khorn said...

I get frustrated at Home Depot also because of limited staffing (1/3 aisle), but not to the extent that would make me yell like the man. Normally when I arrive at Home Depot, I just ask the cashier to help me find something and they call one of their staff to the checkout aisle. Save me the time looking for one.