Insane jump in viewership

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November had 1,182 views which was normal for the past year. December jumped up to 3,759 views, and so far January has 4,751 views. I can think of two reasons why and Frosty is to credit for both. He figured out how to plan future autoposts which allowed us to easily ensure at least one post a day. He also switched to dynamic layout, which allow people to see alot of material. Lastly, our site is so full of variety that we get all bunch of stragglers from google. Thank you visitors and enjoy your stay!


v-man said...

Wow Bia gets way more views than paper planes. We also had a big jump tho from 400 in November to 1600 in December and 1500 so far for january. No idea why.

Congrats on the viewership BiA!

J.Frosty said...

toi toi toi, just doing my part