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Enrolled in a Modern Language class to complete my Themed courses, the class is Aging and Literature.

Pretty interesting class and a lot of things being learned. One of the main things that struck me were about parents wanting their kids to be successful in life. And not only being successful but more successful than the parents were. Which is true, most parents work hard to give their kids a good future and a chance at a great future. This is how we were all raised, to strive to make it bigger than our parents.

My teacher then went on to explain to us, the class, how this way of growing up just isn't possible anymore. The country is running out of room in the white collar level job industry because of all the people and parents, or something like that lol. She said it was sad that it's economically impossible, with an exception here and there, to really succeed our parents.

Kind of kills yours dreams huh? I guess not everyone can be a doctor ;). What do you think?


Bryan said...

every generation there are self made men, and men who blow the fortunes of their fathers. I say it's 50/50.

The teenagers of today had parents that grew up in the 60s and 70s. That hippie 60s-70s generation is typically looked down upon as being less successful then THEIR parents who grew up in the booming times after world war 2. so already, the American dream took a giant hit even before we were born.

For those who had parents born in America, it's much harder to out-do your parents. luckily for us, our parents came to US and A on half sinking boats. Can't be too hard to out-do that. well... unless one's father has a JD and mother has a masters in chemistry... sigh... mudabitch.... *incoherent grumbling*

Willy Bob said...

Haha, Bryan.

Hearing that is a bit disheartening, but it is true. Jobs are lacking and our generation is screwed. I know plenty of people who want to make it bigger than their parents so they try to go into medical or law school. Those fields are so saturated with people that some even have a hard time finding a job they want after they're done. Shit this makes me sad. lol

CP said...

All I have is make more than a gardeners salary and I am already a success in terms of doing better than my parents. Mission accomplished! Great success!