Melodica 90s Megamix

It's quite funny that almost everyone in my family knows how to play a musical instrument, except me. I played the Oboe for 1/2 year in middle school and quit, because I don't recall why (probably was not confident in my skills to wield it).

So my youngest brother, music star in my family, bought a Melodica instrument (basically a crossover from a piano, harmonica, and a woodwind instrument) a while back and he enjoyed playing with it. I have a recording of him playing the first 30 seconds of Careless Whisper on my phone and it sounds pretty good.

Anyway, he showed me a video today of someone else on youtube using the instrument to do a 90s Megamix and well, listen and see how many of these songs you recognize (mostly from the dance and techno era).



Willy Bob said...

lol...I have never seen this instrument before and where do you even go to buy one?! Please learn how to play it Khoa!

Bryan said...

borat approves. very niiice

J.Frosty said...

the dance and techno era was where it was at! wedding one man band!