Stuff I watched on Hulu Plus

Over Christmas, I used my one month free trial of Hulu Plus to watch these shows. Since it just expired I will share what I watched and what I thought of them.

Up All Night. Currently in season one, I caught up to current episodes. Starring Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame and Christina Applegate of Married with Children fame. I give it a 5/10. It's not really funny, and Arnett plays too much of a straight man, which ruins his talent for being a funny doofus. But it is heartwarming, centering around raising a baby. While I don't care if I miss episodes, I don't mind sitting through it.

American Dad. I watched Season 6, right now season 7 is on TV. I give it 9/10. I love American Dad.

New Girl. Currently in season one, I caught up to current episodes. I took this on advice from Ceci. Zooey Daschanel (sp?) is lovable, but I don't really like the dead-pan acting. It reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld the show was built on the genius of Kramer and George. Jerry himself was sooooo lame. Example: "why does milk expire? what's the deal with that people?!" *plays corny seinfeld string riff*. But this show is watchable because she reminds me of my inner dork, and it's funny seeing how her three male roommates interact. Reminds me too much of our group. I give this show 7.5/10

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