Questions of the Week!

…or more like the year?! I know I’ve been mia since I’ve been caught up with a lot of things, but you're in luck since I have insomnia! I would love to hear fellow ballers/PPs (lol) answer the following questions:

To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?

I have controlled about 70% of the direction of my life, which I feel is not enough at the moment. Looking back, I have always felt the need to please my parents so I was concerned about doing [their] things right rather than doing the right things for myself. Now that I am older and more aware of who I am and what I want, I strive to gain more control of my life. It is definitely a struggle, but I know it’s a must!

Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

Oh gosh…ripped undies! I have a couple panties that have lace embellishments and they easily ripped in the washer. Who needs to spend money on nearly crotchless panties?! haha I’ve kept them around for those “I don’t give a crap…feeling like horse poop” days. Admitting this makes me realize how much I really need to let them go! Btw, much thanks to Mac for free VS panty coupons this past year! lol

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

Wear no makeup. I was extremely self-conscious about myself throughout high school because of my severe acne and around the age of 17, I felt the need to pile on makeup to feel accepted and attractive. I guess that insecurity still lingers a bit today.

Which is worse, failing or never trying?

I would have to say never trying. I would rather fail at something and know than regret never trying and wondering what could have been.

...and what about you?!


v-man said...

This PP would like to answer:

1.65% True I make most of my decisions and my goals. But things somehow work out without my putting in too much effort. Currently I see so many gifts that basically appear out of now-where. All I have to do is recognize these gifts and take them.

2. I am holding onto past habits that I thought I successfully squashed in highschool: laziness. I am far tooo LLLLAAAZZZZY.

3. If no one judged me, I would sing solos. I can't sing alone (no point) but I am too scared to sing alone in front of a whole bunch of people.

4. Never trying is definitely worse. Gathering up the courage in those sort of situations (where failing seems to be a viable option) is super hard tho.

CP said...

1) I think I control 95% of how my life has gone. The other 5% is from my parents which I think I would do on my own anyways, eventually that is.

2) My rooms a mess. I would love to clean my room and desk, but dam I'm too lazy. I don't even want the crap I have in my room. It just all needs to go in the trash.

3)If no one judged me and feelings wouldn't be hurt, I'd speak my mind more.

4) Never trying! It's ok to fail, at least you know that ever it was, it's not for you. Turn the page and move on.

J.Frosty said...

1. 99.5%. up until about college, my parents have always overseen my actions but without me slacking off or striving for greatness I wouldn't be where i am now. Next step to take full control of my life is to become a Police Officer =P

2. No, if something's clock has run out it has gotten thrown out, minus pr0n, that stuff lasts forever! ;)

3. I'd walk around naked if no one were to judge me, do you know how unbelievably comfortable that feels!? picture white sands and warm beaches, now picture yourself sitting on a pile of money sipping on a drink. That's about 1% of how good i'm talking...sigh...but until that day i shall keep jon wang locked away.

oh, I'd also get some ink (before moving out =P)

4. I'd say never trying is definitely worse, but what if trying leads to death? Ah ha! lol just kidding, of course failing is better than not trying. If you're not trying then you're not living. That's why i run up the middle for uncertain glory!

I love questions, thanks for bringing it back. Looking forward to seeing more in the future!

Anonymous said...

1. I'm probably @ 40% control. I'm in a brake-less car with my eyes closed while driving. o.O

2. Somewhat. I've recently learned how to let things ago and look to the future.

3. Stop being so self-conscious & insecure about myself @ the point to which it eats away @ my psyche!

4. Never trying. What's living by not doing anything. I live to do... & also to doo-doo! :D