Superior or Douche

So i recently bought a soldering iron from radio shack and it wasn't the best but it was all i needed. Came in a small little kit that included some goodies. Days pass and one use later I find myself with a no longer usable soldering iron, the tip had shat itself. It seemed like the perfect time to read the reviews lol, looks like it was a common problem, chet! I wasn't too angry, it was a cheap soldering iron and would only cost about two bucks to fix.

Incident Begin:
So i went to radio shack with the carbon covered soldering iron, what could've been mistaken as a prison shank to some, to buy the replacement part. Asked the employee if the limited lifetime warranty (a subject that will be covered in another post) covered the soldering iron. Employee looked at the soldering iron and said "if it's in 30 days". Woohoo! it was, but i didn't have a receipt, i didn't have anything in my hands except a dirty dead soldering iron....duuuuuuuu me

The employee asked me if i could bring him the same soldering iron off the shelf. I thought he was going to cross check the two soldering irons, new in package and used, but when he got it he opened up the package and replaced the new one with my old one. He looked at me and said "i'll just tell my boss i found it like this," I immediately thanked him and he said "cause i remember selling it to you"

So to me this guy is Superior! But to the boss, if he ever finds out, this guy is a douche. I Salute you Radio Shack man for sticking up for the little man!

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Bryan said...

i remember Joe once said he prefers female employees because they ask him for instructions in grey areas, whereas his male employees are more likely to do stuff like give free sprinkles etc.

i agree, superior to you, but douche to his company. overall slightly more douche. it's like a bad guy that saves your life so you let him go this time, but you know he deserves punishment.