Season Finales!

The best part of May are season finales. On a normal week I enjoy comedy shows over dramas but this is where drama dominates. I won't die if I miss a season finale of Office, but it's blasphemy to miss the season finale of a show like 24. My favorite show right now is The Event, which is alot like 24 crossed with Lost crossed with X Files. Come to think of it, nearly all the shows I watch are on NBC: Event, Law and Order, Office, Outsourced, Community, Parks and Rec. The only exceptions are Family Guy and Modern Family. I don't usually watch TV on TV though, I just head over to

Anyway, I had noticed that many of the comedy shows I like have one character that's a gun nut. He is easily the funniest character on the TV show. I wonder why they stop at only one such character on each show, because BiA alone has 3! Anyway I think these three represent us quite well. There's Charlie from Outsourced (like Frosty - easy going and outdoor loving), Ron from Parks and Rec (like Mac - political and sarcastic), and of course my favorite character, Dwight from Office (like CP - violence prone). Enjoy these clips:

Couldn't find any videos of Charlie on youtube, probably because the show is still in its first season.

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J.Frosty said...

haha mr schrute is funny.