Gift Cards

Gift Cards: Are they really as bad as they seem?

Something came up from reading Mac's post and Mutha Russia's comment,
Do people really not like it when they get gift cards?

>> From two perspectives:
What do you think when you see someone getting a gift card as a present?
I know some people who see someone getting a gift card think to themselves "that's a thoughtless gift might as well of gave them cash". That's just not the case for me. I think a gift is a gift regardless of what it is. You have only gained something. That is unless you're having an awesome cool 11th birthday party with all the shindigs and someone gives you something like a bowl... Anyways you'll understand my view from reading the following section of how i feel when i get a gift card.

How do you feel when you are the recipient of a gift card?
The only reason why I don't like gift cards is cause I, myself personally, rather get that value in cash so I can do whatever I want with it and not be restricted to whatever the gift card limits me to. so that whole "might as well of give them cash" is true, YES! Just give me cash! But other than that, I appreciate someone getting me something regardless of what it is. Sure I'd love to have someone get me exactly the thing I wanted but I don't expect people to know what I want, not even my closest friends, so the likeliness of them getting me something I have no use for is between 50%-80%, not to say that I will not use it if it is not useful. That being said, to get me a gift card has already lifted the restrictions of the gift by a great deal bringing the percentage of a gift being "less than useful" to 10%-25%. This percentage is the percentage of someone getting me a gift card to somewhere I would not shop at, like.... Barnes&Noble lmao. But let's say someone did buy me a gift card to Barnes&Noble, the gift is still useful! You can use the gift card to buy something in the store as a present for someone else! The circle of life is completed. So in my opinion gift cards are pretty amazing. But like a boba joint, cash is always king ;P


Next Week's Topic:
Is it ok to use a gift card that was a
present to buy someone else a present?

lol. =P

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Mac OBryan said...

gift cards are still cool because it has value and we can buy stuff with it. OR we can give it away as you say. I like gift cards. But I still stick with my original statement that the most MEMORABLE gifts are things that you want.

but if you dont know what they want, gift cards to a store that they like comes very close.