Review Time

Sorry for the long awaited post. I know you're all dying to hear from frosty ;)

First, some music to compliment the post
..Dance to this!..

Random Updates:
-Bought a PS3, not long after, PSN
-Got a new phone, sidekick 4g & new number.
-9 Months later, still best decision i've ever made
-That mpg booster thing is looking like a scam.
-Want to airsoft or paintball again.
-Plans to turn bed into Couch/Bed in the summer are under way.
-Looking for a full-time/part-time job.
-Chocolate Smoothie from starbucks is the devil
-Starting to workout for the summer again.
-Sooooooo ready for summer!
-Still want to become a cop or join the military
-Loki is in a better place
-I really want a "punisher" style colt 1911
-Willy Bob is graduating, she's gonna get a nice surprising sign at her graduation....
- Switched from Cable to Dsl/Direct Tv. Dislike!
-After our cooking competition, I wish the group would do a monthly BBQ or potluck.

Food Reviews:
Market Grill: Well you all know, this place is bomb. Seriously though, try the felafel burger, it's really pretty good and definitely will fill you up. That gassy side effect isn't that bad ;)

Zen Buffet: For about the same price as HomeTown Buffet, this place is a great change from the classic American buffet. They serve a variety of food from seafood to chinese cuisine and even sushi. The sushi selection and quality isn't as good as the sushi you would find in a sushi bar but for the price and unlimited eat-till-you-drop quantities it isn't anything to complain about. They are also a restaurant so you may also order food other than the buffet, so if you did want above average tasting food or sushi you can buy it. The group should definitely hit this place up. I think overall we'd like it more than Soup Plantation (They've got fried rice Chris!)

JFrosty's Always Good Movie Reviews:
Fast Five: 10/10. All star line up bring the heat. Sad but acceptable change from their street racing roots to a high adrenaline action packed featured film, right down my alley. Even with all this change, at least sexy former break dancer Vin Diesel kept his shotgun! =D

Insidious: 8.5/10. "OH SH!T...*claps* That was good, That was good" A very well made horror/thriller with a surprising twisty ending. Still not as scary or mind raping as the Ring or the Grudge. =P

Soul Surfer: 8/10 An inspiring story of a surfer who learn to adapt and continue her dreams after being a victim of a shark attack. Good movie if you're into surfing or shark attacks.

Thor: TBA
Priests: TBA

Until next time Ballers!

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I want another photoshoot


Louise said...

Awesome updates!
- Did someone adopt Loki? >_-
- I didn't know you wanted to be a cop! You can quickly direct us to our reservations when we're late...which is quite often. lol jk
- Should I be afraid of what's to come for graduation?
- I'll agree with more bbq/potlucks, but maybe every 2 months? It is a lot of work. lol

Willy Bob said...

Whoops...used my work account instead of mine. lol

Mac OBryan said...

watched Thor on Sunday, and Loki is the name of Thor's brother! I knew the name was taken from Viking mythology, but now I know exactly who he is!

one of the few times where i will agree with you on your movie ratings. 10 for fast five and 8-9 for Insidious. Fast Five is like an injection of testosterone. It makes you want to go out and get a faster car, a bigger gun, and a hotter girlfriend (or a girlfriend... haha... ehh... sigh...)

i get a shot of happiness when i imagine us being cops together in the same squad car. but alas, i think i'm made to be a doctor :-)

also, one day we will all have 1911s. your punisher shiny black, chris' training day shiny silver, and my saving private ryan dark grey with wooden grips.

i'm also pumped up to get into shape. i've been going 3x a week for last two weeks, and i still need to convince myself to get my ass off the couch but hopefully it will become a habit soon!

cooking together is awesome. but i think once a season (3 months) is often enough :-)

CP said...

I support you being a cop. It's a gratifying job helping others when they are most in need. Just don't give tickets for tint or speeding for 1 seconded (slowed down b4 I even saw a cop).

I saw a gang fight near csula. Luckily I'm not a cop b/c someone would have been shot if I was one.

I saw a idiot on carpool wearing a sweater and a hoodie. I didn't make sense that both the driver and passenger were wearing the same thing in a hot day. I got closer and it was obviously fake. He stuffed a sweater to make a fake body. The head was all lumpy. I'm just pissed that I got busted and this guy didn't.