politics boring to you? not when I put a spin on it

Politics is really interesting when you watch people and see what they do. The bills and laws and compromising process are painfully boring to follow, but watching people interact is always fun.

Ceci's blog had a video of Seth Meyers roasting the president and guests, but i had no idea Obama went up before him. And I must say Obama does a better delivery than Meyers. Meyers stutters too much and a comedian should not laugh or smile at his own jokes. Anyway I'm not a huge fan of Obama's policies, but I genuinely like the man. He's down to earth and I can see how much he cares for the average American. And you gotta love how he just smiles through his roasting, not like Trump who looked like he wanted to choke someone to death. This is why I'm proud to be an American, not because we killed someone but because we have freedom of speech. Thank you first amendment! (second only to the second, of course).

In other news, Prince Charles met President Obama at the White House this week. Did you know that you can pretty much write an essay off any picture you see? It's all in the details... First, I love how they are sitting underneath a painting of George Washington, pretty much a subtle way of saying "Amurica! Fuck Yeah! So lick my butt and suck on my balls! Amurica! Fuck Yeah!" gotta love that song... Second, did Prince Charles bring that tea cup from England? Can the royal family not be stereotyped for just one picture? Third, the prince should have a red tie and Obama should have a blue tie. Why change history? This goes against everything I learned about the Revolutionary War in elementary school. Red = bad guys, let's keep it that way okay? Fourth, LMAO is that grape drink on the table for Obama? 2012 SAT analogy... UK : US :: Tea : Grape Drink. Fifth, the basket of apples probably symbolizes the relationship between England and America. The New World did not have apples until the first apple orchard was established in Boston in you guessed it, New England. From there on, Johnny Appleseed spread apples throughout the New World to become the most widespread fruit ever, sort of how Americans and Brits spread English to be the most powerful language in the world. Sixth, those bushes shouldnt be up there, because there is a 27% chance that a Vietcong is hiding behind it. This room was clearly vetted by amateur Secret Service agents, the type that die all the time in episodes of 24. Seventh, look at how Obama crosses his legs. A man should cross his legs with his ankles making contact with his supporting knee, not knee over knee. Ankle over knee means that you are allowing sufficient space for your massive sex organ. Now our enemies know that Great Warlord Obama is not as great as originally thought. This is the sign that Osama bin Laden's followers have been waiting for to launch their next attacks. Good job, White House chief of media, the blood of thousands of Americans will be on your hands. Finally, I'm pretty sure the two leaders ended the summit by singing this same song, with different lyrics:

why... it's almost as if one was copied from the other. those Brits be stealing our music. Like how Berkeley stole UCLA's fight song. damn those British brutes and NorCal hippies!


Willy Bob said...

LOL Love the picture breakdown! Clever indeed.

Mother Russia said...

I'm biased because I love Seth Myers and Weekend Update, and I don't hear stuttering. If there are pauses, they're for the delivery. However, definitely agreed that Obama did a wonderful speech. That's why HE is the President! Who's the man? Obama's the man!!

Also, I second Lisa about the picture breakdown. LOL

Thank you for the history lesson about the national anthems; I would've never known it was the same song. haha