stuff to keep me occupied since Playstation Network went down

I've been reading more, and I find it alot cheaper to borrow books from the library than to buy them. But on the way out from the library, I saw a large pile of books that were for sale. I decided to go through the pile and I found some gems for one dollar. There was an Atlas of the World, a relationship book similar to "men are from mars, women are from venus", and the first Twilight book. Yes freaking Twilight. Why would I read this? Because its not classy and super ignorant to be bashing something that I've never read. I may have said that Edward looks like a douche (because all you need to do is see a picture or trailer) but I've never said Twilight the book was lame. So I will eventually read this book and give you a review. This better not be one of those "porn for women" books where it goes: "and so Bella indulged in her fantasy, to be with two men at the same time: Edward was cleaning and Jacob was cooking". To be fair, if the book IS like that, I will read it all the way through before giving it a review. That relationship book is also very interesting, I just got it a few days ago and I almost finished reading it. I don't claim to be a relationship expert but I'll have some posts on interesting stuff I learned that may help you guys (and girls) too.

Anyway, with PSN down I finally opened the Gran Turismo 5 case and started playing. I think I'm in love with racing games again. It's repetitive but I like challenging myself to get better lap times. The cool thing about this game is that they have alot of "normal" cars like Civics and get this, even a Prius. I wouldnt have as much fun if all I can drive are super fast cars. I'd like to know how a normal car operates at fast speeds and sharp corners. Also with all the tuning options it allows you to really preview how a car's performance inproves when you tune it. And it's not bullshit, they spend weeks at a time to just model one car's physics. So when I bought my Mazda 3 in the game and started racing it, I have high confidence that it can train me for real life, if I ever need the skills :-) Here's a 11 minute gameplay video of me showing you a "crash" course in how to get faster lap times.


J.Frosty said...

lol. do they have a FX/EX 35 from infiniti!?!?!!?

i bet they have a '11 mustang or '11 camaro.

Mother Russia said...

That first lap took AGES!
And you are getting honked at multiple times when driving dangerously lol. Maybe you should stick to driving safely :p

Where's the drifting commentary?!?!

Mac OBryan said...

the reason why there's honking is because my honk button is the on same stick as my driving controls. When I am about to crash, I get nervous and push hard on the stick to turn as much as possible, and if the stick goes down, I honk lol