Said I'm Sorry Mama

Never meant to hurt you, But tonight i'm cleaning out my closet.

Watching Laker Game.

Well actually this afternoon =]. But, I packed about four boxes full of dresses that have been sitting in my closet since we moved in. "Get Outta My Closet!" as I sent them all to the back for storage which means closet space! WOOOOOO! But don't tell my mom ;]. After re-claiming what was rightfully mine, I was able to put a good amount of stuff lying around my room into the closet, Justice never felt so good. I was then inspired to do some more cleaning... I think my room looks cleaner?

Aw come on Kobe, Artest was open in the corner! =[

"Warning Graphic Genocide Pictures" Read a sign I pass as I walked from my morning class to the library. 'Hmmm wonder what that is?' I was thinking maybe they're talking about WWII, so I strolled on by but, to my surprise there was a huge Anti-Abortion display, if I wasn't so desensitized I might've thrown up on the spot. I was in awe when I was ambushed by a volley of gruesome images. They had several graphic pictures up culminating into a huge display, maybe 11'x30'. And these weren't pictures printed out by students overnight, these were high resolution demons that burned themselves into your brain. They showed everything possible! I thought I was ready for some graphic pictures but this thing hit me like a Train. I'm all for anti-abortion but jeeeeeeez.

In other news, this whole iPod mess is finally coming to an end. After lots of messages and emails, Ebay will refund my $44 as soon as the item is delivered Yippee! That sob sent me the wrong, as well as broken, iPod thinking he was so smart. It looked like he took a hammer to it. Well he got negative feedback and I did some non-scout like stuff to that iPod before I sent it back. This is one catholic that reserves the right to turn the other cheek. Good Game.

Stay Frosty


Mac OBryan said...

dresses? she bought you dresses?

TonTon-Tonster said...

How come you never wear those dresses for me? ): Yeah mang, I drove home to Pasadena today for a quick visit to my folks and there were 6 people holding up high resolutions of those kind of pics. They were standing at a traffic light. I was like geez that's something I don't want to look at @ noon. There was a school bus behind me too! -__-

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

lol yeah. i have a bunch of dresses but they're out of date, that's what happens when you shop at a swap meet for someone who is suppose to grow into their clothes =X

and lol at the school bus that sucks but i'm laughing