Everyone loves a Quickie

Quick Update.

* Say the yearly prayer to the Man upstairs.
* Find some Girl Scouts to sell me some cookies. Yum.
* Catch up on sleep.
* Find someone to massage these knots out.
* Sonics - Orders Correct: 2/5 - You almost had my order right today, but you forgot the ranch.
* Physical Conditioning and working on my jumper.
* Get some swagger from Vianney? (According to Christina)
* Teach Christina how to shoot a Basketball cause granny isn't gonna cut it. =]
* Running low on music, using emergency reserves from the '90s dance category!!!
* Looking forward to Saturday with the Boys. I hope it doesn't rain. *Fingers Crossed*
* Buy some headphones.
* Can't wait for Lion Dance Practice, thanks for that video Andy.
* This knight is falling...

Another Moment in the day: Slammin' car doors shut at Sonics leads to Cups flying. =]

Stay Frosty.


Anh Di said...

+left & right hand layups, esp. layups going up the middle (not left or right) (fingeroll)

music, consider this new artist I found: People Under The Stairs


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

not bad at all.

Mac O'Bryan said...

falling to the dark side... gah...

Andy it's time for us to earn our WINGS.

J-man when you tire of RnB, try out relaxing techno

Late Night Alumni



Anh Di said...

bryan I'll try yours out, try mine out too!


unfortunately, we must use these wings to assist him to the dark side :(

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

Bryan you know i can listen to techno anytime.

and the dark side ain't so dark when you got wing men.

Anh Di said...

We gonna fly you to heaven ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ cups flying. sorry =X
granny shots ftw =]