FB Vs. WoW?

I remember when i use to play World of Warcraft, it was WoW 24/7. Nothing else really mattered. Late for class? Meh that's ok. Homework? No, WoW. It was my life and I loved it and Hated it. But I have since left that life behind me or so I thought.

Today I woke up late, just to let you know how late: I usually leave the house by the time my mom wakes up (7:00 A.M.) but, today my mom woke me up... GAH! I jumped out of bed ran around to get ready and as I was about to put on my shoes... something drove me to turn on my laptop, check my email, and go on FB for a couple minutes. Late for class? Meh that's ok...

Solution: Drop out of school. =] Just Kidding.

Stay Frosty.

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