My journey towards finding my shot (basketball shot)

I want to point out a few things that I noticed today as I was shooting around with the TN kids as we all waited for choir practice is finish..

1) Andrew's shot is ugly as hell and is uber inaccurate! He knows this, but doesn’t seem to care or want to improve it.
2) Clara and Nhi’s shot form is pretty good and they make about 15% of their shots. Excellent considering they hardly ever play basketball.
3) I found my shot again!

So this post is to talk about my journey to finding my “shot.” Not like others that have perfect form, Andy, I have struggled for years with trying to find my shot. My shot would change each and every time I touch the ball and I wanted to do something about it.

The following took place between June 2009 to January 2010. (24 tick tock sound)

I stood between about 10 feet away from the rim and started with my regular shot. If you don’t know what your regular shot is, it’s the shot you usually use when you shoot a ball.

Then I played with other shots such as the Tim Duncan shot and the Kobe shot.

The Tim Duncan shot is the shot I would take two handed releasing the ball on top of my head. I liked it because I can launch shots from far with ease.

I also tried the Kobe shot where I would release the ball with my right hand and use my left hand as support. I wasn’t good at this shot from far so I didn’t stay with it that long.

I then went back to my regular shot which looks ugly but overall gave me the best control, accuracy, and power that I wanted.

The goal is to find the shot that works best for you. I used that same shot over and over and tweaked it until I felt it was as good as it could get. Shot from 10 feet until I felt comfortable then went out to 15, then 20 feet. Still using the same shot, but just changing how much power I put into it. The key for me was to work with one shot form and one distance until I got it down. Burning into my head exactly how I took the shot was vital for me.

My journey is now complete, as long as I don’t forget how I shoot which happens quite often if I don’t play for months.

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Anh Di said...
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Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

now we must work on your pull-ups & your contested jump shots.

Mac O'Bryan said...

i thought this post was by jon, and he thought this post was by me.

but we concluded that this post was by CP

Anh Di said...

this was from CHRIS ?! I thought it was from JON.

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

yup this is chris.

v-man said...

dang, i thought it was jon