I wonder...

so far already 10 votes on the basketball poll. what do you guys think other people answered? here's my opinion

4 - better jumpshot
Joe, Tony, Vianney, Christina

1 - jump higher

3 - better dribbling
Jon, Bryan, Lisa

2- more strength and stamina
Chris, Vincent

comment what you think!

- Mac


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...
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Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

Jumpshot : Joe, Christina, Vianney, Lisa
Vertical : Jon
Better Dribbling : Andy, Bryan,Tony
More Str & Stm : Vincent, Chris

I know what Bryan and Andy want. the rest are educated guesses

Anh Di said...

I think I voted dribbling and quickness, if not, that's what I meant to vote. This poll was hard because you provided characteristics that were all equally important haha. I chose dribbling and quickness because it avoids turnovers, makes more plays (more penetration = more shifting and breaking the help/zone defense), which leaves more room for passing and quickness also contributes to defense (fast hands = stealing, fast feet = getting in front of the offender).

ex: Chris Paul's, Steve Nash's, and Deron William's dribbling and allows them to beat the defense to take the load off their teammates, making the plays easier to run. They all have great jumpshots, but dribbling and quickness leads them to a higher percentage shot or even the assist.

Criticize me if you disagree

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

no sir you are correct. good thinking, i just thought to myself what would be hardest to improve vs. what i can work on over time.

CP said...

I think my strength and stamina will come by just playing more bball without really working on it so I would not choose that. I would have to go with being quicker with the ball

Anh Di said...

naww dude strength and stamina actually relies on taking time off to just run/sprint.

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

once again he's speaks the truth.