Superior or Douche?

I put this in FB but I'll put it here for anyone who doesn't use FB.

I was at the park this morning pretending to be good at basketball. While I was shooting around a couple came out and started messing around. Within 30 seconds the guy blocks the girl sending her falling to the pavement.

This guy was a DOUCHE!

Bought a pair of stereo headphones... but now I want to drop some money for a really good pair. Thanks Christina lol.

And with that, I will bid all of you Adieu.

Stay Frosty.


Anh Di said...

a douche yet superior. Those headphones sound legit, I wanna try em out soon

Anonymous said...

samsung, affordable AND amazing!
p.s. i LOL'd because my word verification was fonse. =D

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...