Laptop Farted on me.

Spent 30 minutes debating whether or not I should reformat, 2 Hours Reformatting Laptop followed by 5 minutes crying about lost music. Then realized I had backed up a good amount of music on my External hard drive, Phew!!!. Spent 2 hours Updating Music Library.

Tmrw's Agenda: Get the rest back and some more =]

Stay Frosty.


uhmchristina said...

ummmm...do you take music suggestions? =D

v-man said...

good thinking on backing up music


Tonster said...

Oh mang! You should take it a step further. I back up my external HD with another HD. To back the backup of a backup, I gave it to my sister. I also gave her a gun and told her that the only way I can access it back is to avoid being shot. Months later I realized what I did so I bought a knife to defend myself. So when the day comes when I'll need the backup of a backup, I'll say something clever to her in the likes of: "So bringing a gun to a knife fight huh?!"

Anh Di said...

first song on the list,

Pussy Money Weed - Lil Wayne

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

HAHA that sounds wild Tony.

and FK that ND.