When it comes to dating...

What qualities do you possess that puts you ahead of other guys?

Just something to think about. ;)

-Willy Bob


Mac O'Bryan said...

i'm very patient and tolerant. like if i'm 3 hours late picking you up on a date, i can sit there and take your yelling.

or if i forget it's our anniversay, instead of panicking, i can be patient and wait one year to make sure i get it right the next time.

CP said...

Not like other guys, I support the feminist movement and will offer you a chance to pay your fair share of the nights expenses.

Anh Di said...

I agree with CP. Girls also say, unlike other Asian men, I have the physical features of an African American man below the waist.

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

Like Bryan, I too am patient and would only hit a woman AFTER a warning.

Chris is also correct, Equal Rights! The woman will not only pay for every other meal, she will also chauffeur every other date.

ND is clearly a liar.

To add my own quality. I am a strong runner. "I'd let you go get help, but I run faster so you stay here and fight. I'll be right back."

Just Kidding =]

Willy Bob said...

Looks like I'm back to writing dating tips...lol