why did i do this

after sitting in a car with some pre-teen girls going crazy over a justin bieber (not beaver, as i thought it was), i decided to look up a music video on youtube. at first i thought his voice and music was okay. I thought he was a 12 year old boy by hearing his voice on the radio, i was like "oh that's cute" until i found out he was 16 and looks like a DOUCHE yet sounds like a GIRL. Ehh... anyway.... I just wanted to punch him in the face for being annoying. It's guys like this that make Aaron grow out a douche-mop. There is hope yet for this Justin Douchebag however, lil Bow Wow didn't turn out so bad after his voice changed.

Anyway, I regret looking up the video because now I dislike someone for no real good reason.

- Mac

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Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

lol i think he has a good voice and that is all i will judge him on because he is a singer.

however, i'd like to know what you were doing with pre-teen girls in the car!? lmao.

Willy Bob said...

LOL nastayyyy

Anonymous said...

Mac I used to be like you. Hanging out around the junior section @ Ross. Saying stuff like, "Mmm I think that would look great on you." I forgot what point I was trying to make but it does remind me that I haven't gone to Ross for a long time.

Also imo, Justin Bieber is nowhere near the likes of lil Bow Wow or Marques Houston (when we was in Immature). He's more in the lines of either Jesse McCartney or possibly Justin Timberlake. Only time will tell. Considering his current fan-base (pre-teen girls and on certain levels college girls) his career parallels JC. What makes him lean towards JT is his amazing opportunity in being able to collaborate and sign with Usher. Wait til puberty hits full throttle with this kid and we'll see if he's a flopper like Kwame.