Close Line!

Listening to some DMX, this guy is vicious, makes me want to stab something =X

Today's Thieu Nhi was fun as always, but the highlight of the day was during game time. We played Red Rover, surprisingly not many people knew what this game was. I had played this game year after year when I was younger but, I guess some schools just played different things. Anyways, Red Rover is a "Break thru" game. The kids form two opposing lines and take turns sending one kid at a time to try to Break thru the other team's line. More details on the game are on the bottom, in case you don't know what this game is.

All was good until the Au Nhi started putting their bodies on the line. First incident was when an Au Nhi almost fell on his back from the impact. But, that was nothing compared to what was about to come. Ethan "Bazooka Joe" was called over and exploded toward the other line. Zoom! as he ran past us, his tiny legs are winding back and forth like he was running from death itself... then... BAM! CLOSE LINE! he falls on his back as if he just hit a concrete wall. The challenging team got so scared of Ethan's ferocity that they leaned away causing their arms to raise to the level of Ethan's neck. However, this was not enough to deter Bazooka Joe as he gave his body up for the cause.

Today Ethan is awarded the moment of the day. Congrats Bazooka Joe you are a model of bravery to us all.

Other than that, me n my sis went to Jammin' Jumpin' at the Santa Anita mall for my niece's 2nd birthday. That place is wild! Kids run the Jungle. It's true! They actually charge more for kids than they do Adults.

Stay Frosty.

-Removed the Adult Content warning, i'm too lazy to hit continue every time.
-Trying to cut back on all the color changes, sorry i just think it looks amazing lol.
Red Rover: In this game, the kids form two opposing lines and attempt to "break through" the opposing team's line. At first, two teams are chosen of equal size, and they form two lines, facing each other and holding hands. One side starts by picking a person on the opposing team and saying "Red Rover, Red Rover, send right over" Jason then lets go of his teammates and begins a headlong rush for the other line. His goal is to break through the line by overpowering the kid's hold on eachother. If Jason breaks through, he chooses one person for the opposing team to join his team, and they both go back and join in their line. If he fails to break through, Jason becomes part of the other team. Each team alternates calling people over until one team has all the people and is declared the winner. Note that since all the players are on the winning team at the end, there really are no losers in this game.

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