BiA is currently under construction. We are trying to find a layout that everyone can agree on.

Please leave your opinions and suggestions as a comment in this post

Done with this layout. Feedback
Here's the original:

Problems: No Quick Edit, Gotta Put your Sig in again.

Mac: Please add links to BiY and BiW

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Quyen (Nhi) said...

have you guys looked at They have a lot of cool templates for free that you can consider. That's where I got mine, I think. ~nhi

Mac OBryan said...

yep thats the same website one we're looking at nhi.

2 things i have learned:

1st) jon is harder to satisfy than co nga and co thao combined

2nd) from experimenting around, i have learned that 3 columns are a pain in the ass. if you want a nice design, the pixels are limited so theres no room for polls or news feeds.

the only 3 column templates that work are the simple utilitarian ones (no pixel restrictions for sidebar)

might as well go back to nice-looking 2 column designs, they have unlimited room for the sidebar.

jon, experiment with new stuff, this design isn't going anymwhere

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

roger alpha leader.
bravo team is moving in

Willy Bob said...

very naiiice...i like

v-man said...

sure, this blog is cool

good balance that is sure to satisfy many

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

links on the side, click it and you'll see

Mac OBryan said...

i see it now

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

I just put the link in there

Anonymous said...

insert generic compliment here!