Practice makes perfect?

So last night yours truly went clubbing. We went to Highlands in Hollywood. Thanks to VSA and other certain individuals it was awesome and I had a really good time. I came to realize that I suck at dancing lol but, hey, everyone has to start somewhere. I just happen to have to start at the end. If only clubbing were about bumping your head, I'd rock that for sure.

In other news, I am now programmed to wake up at 7:30 am regardless of what time I go to sleep and how tired I still am when I wake up... This sucks.

I'm gonna try to go back to sleep now. Have a great day!

Stay Frosty.


Mac O'Bryan said...

not exactly. practice makes permanent, not perfect.

you can become perfectly flawed with alot of flawed practice.

BTW, paper planes' new layout doesnt allow non-contributors to post any comments because i can't find the word verification input box!

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

yea i already told andy to tell vianney.

and true true as i can see from our years of flawed basketball lol. I'll put in a question mark

v-man said...

Yeah, u gotta click on view comments. There, there is a box for comments. Let me know if they're any problems. Sorry about that

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

no what we're talking about is if you aren't a contributor of the blog you need to enter a verification word. But the box to put the word in is not visible. Took me an half an hour to find out how to get it =[