First Lunar Post.

Surprisingly enough I actually got a complaint about the lack of posts, I know right? Who reads this other than the people who write it!? So I thought I'd put together a piece about the past weekend. Thanks for the Inspiration (srsly =])

Listening to the Chronicles of Narnia 2: Prince Caspian Soundtrack while I write this.

Warning: Long Long Post. (4 days of material)

Friday - Picked up ND and Rachel from La Salle. Sat outside ND's house for about 20 minutes because no one had the key. (Found out the key was under hidden in a disclosed area, GG.) Played some MW2, ND got nuked by Andrew. Then played some basketball in Duarte. & My whiteboard got pillaged pretty bad, it's like Bosco all over again.

Awesome party at Judy's house. Joint prayer and activities. Sorry I fell asleep, I just lost all will power that night. But the activities after were great! Nothing like a little homemade 'Silent Library'

Moment of the Day: Mac slapping someone across the face with a giant sausage during 'Silent Library'.

Changed Music to Fall Out Boy's Newest Album cause the Narnia Soundtrack was all Slow Instrumentals...

Saturday - Bread and butter of the weekend. Woke up in the morning and did some exercising. Timed my first mile since freshman year in high school, 8:18:78... Not bad i think but, gonna keep conditioning for fun. After this I did some errands for the mother, found out that 5lbs bags of ice are only $1.08 at Fresh & Easy (Tax Included). Best price I know of.

This album is pretty good. _Fall Out Boy_'Folie à Deux'

Then went down to my Uncle's house in Chino for Tet. All-Star Dunk Contest was a bust, and made me sad =[. Other than that there was the usual stuff, Adults gambled and Children played games. Had a great time talking to Tam, cousin from SD, as well as Kenny & Eric, Quan, An, and Christina. But wooooow it got pretty chilly outside that night.

Moment of the day: Tam-"You're just a pussy" (to Quan) Kenny-"Dayum!" Me-"BAHAHAHAHA!" (as Quan puts his head down) +1 Tam.

Intermission: I need a drink. You can pretend this is a live streaming post by listening to this while I'm gone... Back, Hope you enjoyed the Link. If you continued on without clicking the link, you should come back when you're done reading. =]

Sunday - Tet! Lion Dance! Basketball & All-Star Game! Chili's!

Lion Dance was fun as usual and we collected $360 for our Lion Dance this year!!!! GOOD JOB GUYS! However, I'm ready for next year cause Mac wants back in, WOOOOOO! That means, it'll be even better! Gambling was also fun, set up the usual 'Find the Joker' table for all the little kids and finished it off by taking Joe's money =P.

All-Star Game made up for the crappy Saturday. Good job East, GRATS WADE (MVP).

Chili's was fun, had some pretty interesting conversations. For Example: Would you rather have your date tell you that you have something in your teeth or not? I split a pretty amazing custom Old Timer's Burger with Mac, New Favorite.

Finished the night with 'The Unborn'. Not a bad movie, but definitely didn't make Frosty scared. Scariest parts were on the Trailer. Put 3 of 6 viewers to sleep, would've been 4 but I tried really hard not to fall asleep. ND didn't watch, but at least he stayed in the room... You are on your way ND...

Moment of the day: ND-"I don't want to watch it...I'd rather take it in the back from Shaq"

Monday - Because of some MF from Ebay I lost $17.50 to a stupid Paypal / Bank acct complication. Paypal payment refunds go to your paypal balance instead of the original source the money came from. Paypal makes you 'Withdraw to Bank Account' which means you are essentially depositing money into your bank account and ultimately means it is NOT A REFUND. My bank will only reverse the Overdraft Fee if they see that the payment was refunded. Paypal cannot & will not refund money to bank accounts and therefor I can only receive a partial reversal on the overdraft fee... FML... That guy better send me the iPod.

This album is catchy, think I'll listen to the rest of it right now. Hope you enjoyed this post.



Anh Di said...

Couldn't of have been a tight weekend without frosty. +69

Willy Bob said...

Good times...too bad I wasn't there for some of the events =/ ;)

Anonymous said...

Gah Frosty is soOo sexy!

Anonymous said...

i am happy now =]

v-man said...

Fantastically Frosty.

Mac O'Bryan said...

andi is a scared *****

Anh Di said...

scared sexyassmf