Tet's not over yet


Got bored, couldn't eat meat, so I rolled sushi. Ended up watching 'Public Enemies' then 'Ali'. Got bored again so I went up to Mac's house, excuse was to practice for Saturday's Lion Dance but,... We didn't practice. Idle... ... ... While we waited for 'Paranormal Activity' to finish downloading we went to 7/11 to get some grub. Mac, who gave up meat for Lent, got nachos. I got 2 hot dogs, Andrew got chips. Then we went to Tommy's to get some fries, I ended up getting a chili boat (was about 12:15AM by now)

Then we watched 'Paranormal Activity'. Good movie, A LOT of "oh... what the eff...... OH SH*****T!" moments but, I definitely didn't lose any sleep over it. Not saying I'm some tough guy, it's just there was nothing to be scared of. They didn't give a face to be scared of. PHEW! So, for now 'The Grudge' is still the scariest movie I've seen. That girl and the little boy scare the crap out of me.

I felt absolutely horrible from eating all that food, not a guilty feeling, a horrible "I'm about to explode" feeling. Yea, that feeling. Slept at about 3?

Moment of the D: Andrew left after 4-5 minutes of 'Paranormal Activity' (Before anything scary happened). But he was still too scared to go to sleep. =D


Jumped up at about 8:30 thinking my alarm went off, but it was Mac's. Bastard Andrew came into the room at about 8:45 and started playing Call of Duty, grrrrr. Fell asleep about 15 minutes later.

Tet party in the O.C. for several 'Praise Jesus' groups. Lots of fun. Did another Lion Dance and made $80 but we donated all of it back. Proud of you guys for doing this. Anyone got a video of the Lion Dance!?

Went back to Joe and Chris's house, Nap, had yet another Tet party. Great BBQ'n Joe, very good. Gambled some, turned $15 into $39 =]. Back to Mac's for a few, watched Ohno do work in speed skating. Take that Korea!

Moment of the Day: Winter Olympics - someone just ate snow during the 'Super G' Event. "Who was it!?" Not USA. "Phew... USA! USA! USA!". followed by several replays of the accident.

Let's see how Sunday goes.

Stay Frosty.

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