Weekend in Review + Seasonal Segment: Pwned by Lent

Warning, Another Long Read Incomming


Got lots of stuff done. Got that hair cut, $10 =[. Definitely Overpriced because she only took my sides from a 5 to a 3 with a high fade, no work done on top. But I wanted to get it cut in the morning so I just took the hit.

After reducing my conditioning from everyday to Tuesdays and Thursdays I moved up my conditioning to 2 miles, haven't timed it yet, but I'm able to run it non stop. Maybe i'll time it in another week or two. Anyways while i was running today i think i passed someone who was listening to the exact same song as me, I didn't hear anything but i kind of read the lips and if i read right, she said "X gonna give it to ya" DMX! lol good running music. Knee is definitely feeling better with this schedule =]

Cleaned the house and rolled some sushi for Nhom. Cleaning the house was easy, maybe took me 30 minutes, but making sushi took me 2 hours. I made a bunch of rolls but it didn't fill up the trays as quickly as i expected, probably cause i kept eating all the ends =D. Hope everyone enjoyed it, took me a couple rolls to get the half sheets working, as well as making them inside out (Rice Outside).

Had a really fun time playing all those games after prayer. Especially 'Silent' Library.


It rained for maybe 3 hours and of course it rained in the morning. So no basketball =[, instead we spent the whole day at Mac's house. Watched them play video games for an hour or two before i fell asleep. Went to Garden Cafe after we woke up. With the 'encouragement' of certain individuals, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, I decided I was gonna give up Meat & Sushi instead of Video Games. Mhmmm good lunch. Then we bought Terminator 2 so ND could finally watch. BF:Bad Company 2 didn't work so I didn't get to play the game that made me go back on my Lent Promise. So we just watched T2. Stopped halfway through the movie to meet up with the Phams to get some Dinner at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant. Mhmmm tasty dinner but it was one of those places where you pay a lot and get a little =[. They had TVs in the restroom on top of the urinals, we took a couple pictures ;]

Then we went to Joe's BR for some late night snacks. I gave up sweets so i just ate a waffle cone. Finished Terminator 2 then called it a night. Glad you liked T2 ND.

Moment of the Day: Having ND dress up like a douche for dinner.


Woke up and felt that BF: Bad Company 2 not working was a sign and felt so bad for going back on my promise that I have also included 7-Eleven to the forbidden list. If you're thinking: "7-Eleven? Weak!" you might want to consider that for this guy 7-Eleven is a lifeline, I go there at least once a week, sometimes more to get a liquid fix. But no more until Lent ends =X

Thieu Nhi...same as always...

Came to a conclusion that we will be going to Big Bear at the end of March. I cannot wait, i feel like a little kid who is about to go to Disneyland after a couple years. Grey Squirrel here we come!

I think it was just me but i felt completely drained today when I got to church. Maybe it was from all the Dodgeball at Thieu Nhi. But, i just couldn't stay awake when i sat down. Almost instantly knocked out each time.

And now for the New Segment

Seasonal Segment
PWNED by Lent

So far Lent hasn't been completely impossible but, it has definitely been difficult. So far I have only broken one of my Lent Promises, eating sweets, and for that I have added drinking coffee to the list. Resisting sweets, coffee and soda are getting harder and harder each day especially when I have a near unlimited supply taunting me throughout my house...

I have recently given up meat, sushi, and 7-eleven in order to make up for giving up on my video game promise. This seasonal segment is to record myself as I go without meat or sushi. Hope i stay sane.

Post 1: Today at Thieu Nhi we had noodles, I had to take all the meat out. This wasn't too hard. Eating some seafood Chao for dinner. 28 more days to go.

Stay Frosty

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Anh Di said...

who is this ND guy he sounds like such a douche! -ND.