Tonster: My 1st Post And It's About Sonics -__-

So I jumped on the bandwagon and submitted by going to the newly established Sonics in Monrovia. I had a 10 minute window before I was late to work but eh, the impulsive need to go was killing me. Noticing the huge crowd and the small amount of time I had, I opted to park away from the chaos and bear the couple of seconds of extra walking. The drive in concept was interesting. At that moment I thought to myself how they'd react to someone ordering on a bike. So being new to the way things go at "Sonics" I looked around and thought cleverly to myself. "Aha these people are so wrapped into the refreshed idea of the drive-in ambiance that I'll just go old school and order inside!" So that's what I did. I went INSIDE. I asked one of the workers where's the counter so I could order. The girl shrieked and explained that they didn't have an order-area indoors and that I had to order outside. Oh. After making my order by yelling frantically at the menu, "NO, I SAID FRITOS CHILI CHEESE WRAP" I sat there watching other people awkwardly deciphering this new concept of ordering at Sonics. Seeing the workers rollerblade around, I figured it's inevitable that there's an off-chance that one day one of them will fall backwards with food flying in the air. Only thing to do is pick up the food and what's left of their dignity. lol. I left with a few snacks, lg tots, onion rings, apparently the fritos wrap, and a watermelon cream slush. Overall interesting experience. Considering that I used to drive all the way to Anaheim for the only Sonics in SoCal, the 9+ miles drive to Monrovia isn't so bad.

- Tonster


Mac O'Bryan said...

sonic's drinks are good. their food is nothing to rave about though

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

I have to agree with Bryan on the drinks. But Ton already knows.

However, I have to disagree with Mac because I really do like their hamburgers and their sandwiches. + best onion rings besides going out to pasadena's Tops.