If BIA was a sports network...

This would be our pre-game hype video and narration, similar to how NBC had the Bob Costas narration.

[start Terminator 2 theme song]

"Los Angeles and Boston hate each other. Not only the teams, but their fans. You can't find a more diverse group of fans in these cities. Boston, the home of middle class intellectual, passionate fans. Los Angeles, the home of upper class superficial movie stars and low class car-flipping celebratory-rioters. Hate between these two entities is an understatement, even though hate is such a nasty four letter word among the likes of f***, d***, and c***.

Legacies are at stake. Bryant, Pierce, Gasol, Allen, Jackson, Garnett. Six future hall of famers in one NBA Finals. For Boston, a victory will cement this group into Boston lore. Winning one championship is luck, a true dynasty wins multiples. For the Lakers, losing in this series effectively erases the validity of the 2009 championship.

Kobe is on his way to becoming the best of all time, but he must first defeat the greatest franchise of all time. A game 7 victory will tie Kobe with Magic Johnson, leaving him only one behind *bows head* Michael Jordan *raises head*. If Kobe is to become the greatest Laker in history, he must beat the hated green rivals. One more victory for the Lakers would give Los Angeles 16 championships, to close the gap between them and Boston's 17. This victory will also give the Lakers 16 more championships than the Clippers.

In a series where superstars go on hot-and-cold streaks, the only constant in the victories have been gritty defense. Only passion will win the game. Who will flop more? The greatest defensive flopper Derek Fisher or the greatest offensive flopper Paul Pierce? What if they bump into each other? In order to win the championship, the Lakers must go through Kevin Garnett's balls of steel. He is their unquestioned defensive leader.

How will the Lakers rise to the occasion? Will this be the game DJ Mbenga has a double double with 27 rebounds and 13 blocks? Will Adam Morrison finally relive his glory days from Gonzaga by knocking down game winning shots? Will Kobe Bryant get more than one assist?

Lakers. Celtics. It's Game 7 of the NBA Finals, coming up next.

*start playing NBA on NBC music, err I mean NBA on BIA music*

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Anh Di said...

kobe more than 1 assist....




as long as he drops 40.