The Dump: an airport for trash

Funny thing about cleaning up beat up houses, there's always a box of prOn hanging around somewhere. Some of Mr. Hefner's work lying around here and a couple happy happy joy joy dvds there. When these people move out they take everything except old underwear and their prOn. lmao, i don't want your underwear but thanks for the dvds! bahah j/k i do want your underwear! I wish those guys would've left some lotion... Sorry again readers rofl.

>>Anyways, I've been helping my dad the past two days doing some yard work at this new project he's working on. Cutting up trees, trash duty, the usual stuff. My dad knows how much i love to swing an axe >=]. He just hands me an axe and points at the tree lol, lots of fun & great exercise. Other than being covered in cuts and having a pretty sore back I'm A-Ok.

After doing all this yard work we took the greens to the dump. Other than the ridiculously horrid smell, the dump is pretty fk'n awesome. Can't really put it another way. The amount of work, organization, and synchronization reminds me of an airport. Except i'm probably more interested in dozers and diggers than commercial planes. So smell aside, the dump > the airport. <<
For my dry skin.

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