In Case You've Been Living Under a Rock...

There was a trial case where a mother (25 year old Casey Anthony) who allegedly murdered her two year old daughter and hid her body for at least a month. And yesterday she walked away with not guilty on all counts against her except for lying to the police. The interesting thing about our jury system is that they don't declare anyone innocent, they can only declare the defendant not guilty. The prosecution either sucked or didn't have enough conclusive material to get the verdict. I've read alot of the proof that was provided, and I am 99% sure Casey Anthony killed her daughter, stemming mostly to how she behaved after her daughter went missing (went partying, entered a "hot body" contest... etc) But the thing is, the defense claimed that her daughter accidentally drowned herself in the pool, and that the mother did irrational things to conceal her pain, due to the dysfunctional family and upbringing that she had. I'd like to call bullshit, and I'm sure the jury did too. But the jury was given direct instructions from the judge, and those instructions are that you can only give someone a "guilty" verdict if the evidence leaves no room for reasonable doubt. The problem here as I said was that the hard evidence was lacking, and the prosecution could only make a shoddy attempt at motive. So there was indeed room for "reasonable doubt".

Anyway, I believe a murderer walked away free. It's one of the downsides of our Bill of Rights. But it's still better for criminals to have these rights than to not. But I am of the opinion that it's better to let a murderer walk free than an innocent get the death penalty. These laws do their best to prevent wrongful convictions. An innocent who is sentenced to death is horrible. But for the other case, no one who is guilty can ever walk away free, they will be judged by the one who knows all. As much as I think Casey Anthony to be guilty, I don't really know for sure. All I know is that if she's innocent, that's great, the right call was made! But if she is guilty, she will have her day in court. The court with the Almighty Judge. *DEAAATTHHHH*

*disclaimer* I do not wish that guilty people be damned, but I believe God provides justice. Even if murderers convert and are saved, I believe God provides justice in purgatory and/or on Earth. Except for San Dimas (the thief on the right of the cross). Lucky dude got a get out of jail card haha.

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J.Frosty said...

they need to bring out maury and the lie detector! "When it comes to the murder of your daughter, Casey.. you ARE the murderer!"