Today's Topic is:

Zombies! Mmhmm Brains....Buaha!

a little video on how not to survive a zombie attack

things done wrong:
1. They didn't know how the guns work. Learn your weapons!
2. They didn't know how to fight. Carry lots of ammo with you!
3. They forgot the importance of melee. If zombies are that slow, get buck wild with melee weapons

and the house to look for during a zombie attack

Every zombie theme'd house needs a roof access for reasons like wanting to shoot zombies from the roof, getting a good view of your situation (zombie count), as well as jumping up and down for help from a helicopter flying away.

where is the pack-a-punch?!


Mac OBryan said...

chance of zombies being real? 0 percent. chance of people turning rabid like dogs with rabies? good chance. at least feral humans require oxygen, which means that blood loss will kill them. the whole headshot thing is bs. but still, if rabid humans are insane and feel little pain, like people on PCP, then pistols and maybe even rifles, will have little knock down effect. Thank God for shotguns

Mac OBryan said...

PS The movie I Am Legend scares the crap out of me

J.Frosty said...

haha, that house would work against them too!