Childhood MacNugget: Top 5 favorite movie intros

I was listening to random music when a Tron soundtrack came on. I decided to find the video on youtube cause I forgot how the intro was exactly. And then I looked up other intros that came to me off the top of my head. These are my favorite 5.

5) Terminator 2

Comments/thoughts: Fire everywhere. Swingset on fire, death of innocence and humanity. I feel depressed, but I turn my anger towards the robots and put my hope in John Connor.

4) Tron Legacy

Comments/thoughts: That Disney intro was pretty damn cool, second only to the pirate castle intro in Pirates of the Caribbean. I saw this movie in the theater and this movie had such good effects but it was the dramatic music that continually send chills down my spine. Especially when the TRON title logo pops up.

3) Lion King

Before we took any foreign language in high school, all my classmates knew some Swahili: Naaa svenyaa babadi chibaba! This movie and intro is forever epic.

2) The Rock

This is my favorite action movie of all time. I swear it's non-stop action and it also has a good story line. And the intro just tells you the emotion in General Hummel. The part where the soldier says "they're not coming for us are they sir?" still makes me soo saat. Oh shit he has a Medal of Honor? why did he give it away? What is he gonna do?! I need to find out!

1) Top Gun

This movie isn't that great, I'd give it a 7/10. But it's just the way the F-14 comes out of the darkness symbolizing the strength and shield of America. The whirring of the blizzard makes you believe that no matter what hazardous conditions, this brave warrior will be there to protect you. Serving during the height of the cold war, the carrier borne F-14's capability to shoot down enemy planes 100 miles away with the Phoenix missile was a big "Come get some" to the commies. I was brainwashed by this movie as a kid, but geez being brainwashed never felt so cool. Also, the way the music starts at the Paramount studio screen when the stars fly by the mountains have changed the way I see all Paramount movies. Now I hear the drumbeat start in my head during the Paramount screen. Example: when I watched Captain America and Transformers, during the Paramount slide, I started hearing Top Gun music.


Things they all have in common: Epic music. The title screen/logo appears dramatically and goes with the music. They all start in darkness/dawn and gradual get brighter to day. And all of them give this emotion of an unseen force that draws you in to find out more. And I guess it's a feature of movies with cool dramatic intros that they also have good action and effects. Even Lion King had revolutionary drawings for its time. Do you remember the star filled sky when Mufasa talks to Simba about the past kings. I was a 2nd grader in a theater and I thought I was looking into the heavens. I think another thing they have in common is that I would happily buy any of these movies on Blu-ray (due to awesome visual and sound effects and soundtrack).

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J.Frosty said...

YES! I'm always happy when terminator 2 makes a list. There are some other intros out there that are just as epic, but i can't figure it out lol