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Time for another segment of Melts My Frosty! You know what melts my frosty? Those bastard places that agree to things like Livingsocial or Groupon and then get all butt hurt when you redeem your coupon. Seriously, it gets really fk'n annoying when the mood of the restaurant turns from a warm and welcoming environment to a cold lonely desert as soon as you mention you have a coupon. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN IF YOU OPT IN TO ADVERTISE AT THE COST OF GIVING HUGE DISCOUNTS YOU DUMB MFs! DID YOU THINK NO ONE WOULD BUY THESE COUPONS!? DO YOU THINK TREATING ONE CUSTOMER LIKE THIS IS OK AND WILL NOT HURT YOUR REPUTATION AS AN ESTABLISHMENT!? God help establishments that are ignorant like that. Treat me with the respect you would treat any other customer and you could gain a regular, treat me like a person you stupid fk'n punks.

Wow, that post went from calm and collected to RAGE. That'll put into perspective just how melted my frosty got. Those places are destined to crash and burn but Oh well, i'm over it until i experience it again.

A video that explains what i was thinking of saying while being disrespected by dumb establishments:


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Mac OBryan said...

those places don't deserve your money. Funny that you put up a MMF, because I was about to put up a GmG right now. It's a rage filled day