GmG: Public Restrooms

Get ready to shake your fists because it's another edition of "You Know What Really Grinds my Gears?"

Yes public restrooms stink, but I've gotten used to that. But now with these high tech laser motion sensor controlled restrooms, theres a new problem. When I'm on the toilet and lean forward to wipe my ass, the toilet sensor thinks that I'm done and so it starts to flush and it splashes feces and urea back at me while I'm still sitting.. And then when I wash my hands, the water that comes out from the motion sensor faucet is super hot. And I don't mean warm, I mean scalding coffee hot. It's like they DON'T want people to wash their hands. What's next? Scalding hot toiler water that splashes at me before I'm done wiping? *shakes fist*


1 comment:

J.Frosty said...

LMAO THE TOILET ONE. MUAHAHAH! those bastards at johnson & johnson ;)

and the water doesn't even come on for me until after 2-3 tries making me look like a fool.