Gears & Gadgets #1: Gun O'Clock

I'm starting a new series of posts, but will try to continue my previous series on Men lifestyle/fashion (which I neglected for a while, will post something tomorrow).

Anyway came across this awesome gadget and well, I think it would suit a few of you. It's called the Gun O'Clock, an amazing alarm clock that let you shoot some sort of laser Wii gun to turn off the alarm in the morning. You must hit the target three times otherwise the alarm will keep going off. The gadget come with a steep price $89 and it should get your brain active long enough to keep you from going back to sleep. Enjoy!

Here is the video for it:

Here is where to get it:



J.Frosty said...

OMG LOL, that video was awesome!

Mother Russia said...

hahhaha the graphics and vid are hilarious! and Bandai WOULD make something like this lol

Mac OBryan said...

definately worth 50 dollars. but 90? ahhh geez wish i had more money.