Gears & Gadgets #2: Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Welcome to another edition of Gears & Gadgets.

Okay, what is the deal with keyboards these day and why do companies keep making new models when most current wired keyboard never fail. Just years ago, we were using this plug:

Literally called a PS2 connector.

Then people started switching to USB. Eventually, people were forced by companies to buy one of these (PS2 to USB adapters).

Next thing you know it, we go wireless (via bluetooth or radio frequency). Most of these use batteries. So then we switch from using lame batteries to rechargeable "green" batteries. This method saved us money, but the process of taking the battery out, recharging them, and having to do the entire push here and there to connect your keyboard is such a hassle. Trust me I owned quite a few of these.

So what is next, since we are going green and making everything less clutter and slim. The only option is to use a clean rechargeable power source. Nuclear Power! wait... Wind Power!...Oh Solar Power! Why didn't anyone make these solar power keyboard back in the late 90s, those TI calculators had these years ago. So now we have concluded that it's all about money!

Anyway, enough history, here it is. Video of unboxing below. Price goes for $79.99, but Amazon is kind enough to drop it to $59.99 with free shipping. Got 4.5 stars and over 100 reviews on Amazon.

So pick up this bad boy and use it. Heard 3 months without charging (lights off). Heck of a long time.



J.Frosty said...

That'll go great with my laptop! ;)

nice gadget lol, i thought you were going to bash new tech though lol.

Mac OBryan said...

Khoa let me know when I can go down to Big 5 and pick up my solar powered laser rifle! :-)

Willy Bob said...

yay for renewable energy-! <3