Dead Man Walking!

Warning, the following contains strong material not suitable for children, parental discretion is advised.

No! this post is not about zombies even though the title is perfect for the theme lol.

Went to my godfather's father's
(grand godfather or god grandfather?) viewing today and other than doing the hold-burning-incense-stick-to-the-head and bowing for the first time and knowing that I'd want that at my service, something else stuck in my head the whole time after. What would the table with my picture look like? I think i got it lol! Some of my favorites, especially food! Corn Beef Hash & Pho on one side and can you guess what would be on the other side? SUSHI AND PUDDING MILK TEA! with two "Punisher" edition 1911s crossed in the front (these will go into my coffin before i am lowered). I could probably plan out my entire service right now, but that's just asking for trouble hahaha...ha...shit...


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