Moment in Movies When I Realized the Movie was Badass

In every action movie, there is an ultimate climactic fighting scene. In those same action movies, there is an early action scene that is on a much smaller scale, sometimes one on one. But sometimes they're so badass they make you excited pre-maturely (that's what she said). These scenes are defined by the neccessity of the situation. Early on, the character wants to be quiet and hidden. But the culmination of factors makes them take action. There's usually some great memorable quotes too. Without further delay, I give you my fav five. (modern movies only, otherwise all five would feature Chuck Norris).

5. Blood Diamond
Quote: "I like me shoot that pink ass mon"
Analysis: You ever have someone trash talk you to your face, which makes you want to slap them upside the head? This scene is a few levels above that. This movie also tells me that people with the HK USP are highly trained operatives with a quick draw and high double tap accuracy. But that's just a stereotype right?

4. Robocop
Quote: "Aaaaahhh!"
Analysis: This isn't what robocop's program intended when it told him to take a headshot. Also, the Robocop actor was Barack Obama before he became Senator and dyed his skin black.

3. Terminator 2
Quote: "Get Down"
Analysis: The moment you realized Arnold isn't a bad guy. Epic. I also feel bad for that can of Pepsi.
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2. Training Day
"What up cuhz?" "Blast them fools! You ain't no pohlice!"
Analysis: You know why Denzel won an Oscar for this movie? Because when Denzel says yeaa mothafucka, he's reading your mind.

1. Collateral
Quote: "Yo homie is that my briefcase?"
Analysis: It was tough to place Training Day at #2, but the supreme technique in Tom Cruise's quick draw and double tap was too much. He even headshotted the second guy as his body was falling to the floor. Guess what pistol he's using. You guessed it, HK USP. I guess everyone with a USP has aimbot.


J.Frosty said...

ahahaha. Your move creep!... how the hell can joe call Robocop a stupid movie lol.


Violence solves nothing, but nothing can solve violence! WOoooo

Mutha Russia said...

I'm literally LOLing to your analyses, such as the the Barack Obama voice and mf comment