I have invited the girls of nKrew to join the blog

I think everyone is on board with this, and there's no point keeping it a BiA only (guys of nKrew) blog since more than half of the guys don't regularly post anything.

I believe Cecilia and Cathilia will bring interesting material to our attention, because each one of us is interesting. Yes, taxes and credit cards are interesting too. I might as well add robots too, while I'm stroking people's egos. Blog about anything you want, thats the purpose.

CC and Cathy if you're reading this you should have gotten an email to your gmail accounts. After you've confirmed you can use the google account to post on blogger.com / blogspot.com


Props to two people this week: Jon and Andy

Jon for sucking up his pride and selling his Xbox360. I know Jon thinks the controller and network are superior (I agree). However you can buy 360 style controllers for the PS3. And PSN is free. FREE is the 2nd best four letter F word ever. Finally BiA can die together in a virtual world. For jumping on the PS3 grenade, I award Jon the MacMedal of Honor.

Andy had a conversation with a Nghia Si boy about stepping it up and being a man during TCL. That means showing you have tough skin and are willing to sacrifice some pain and humiliation for the good of the group. And Andy did it without raising his voice or hurting the boy's feelings. Just like how Jesus converted the Samarian woman through acceptance and love in this Sunday's gospel. For these services to our community and country, I award Andy the MacMedal of Good Job.


J.Frosty said...

"Cathilia" lol. that sounds like a gladiator name.

and... zing =]

I was going to surprise andy with the ps3, but oh well lol. Making the switch soon. Xbox 360 sold!

v-man said...

Since when did u guys have a name for your little group?

Nice awards. i applaud the xbox switch cuz xbox is so hard to give up (proud original xbox owner).

Andy, be proud of your mac medal.

And mac, how did u get the name mac in the first place?

v-man said...

u're going to have to add bios to the blog as well!

Mac OBryan said...

N-Krew was a name we made up when we were in Nghia Si (16-18 years old). It was a copy of G-Unit, except N-Krew sounds better than G Unit. If you remember the NK in my game room, it has three meanings. N-krew, Nguyen Khoa, and Kguyen Khoi.

My name Mac was taken from 2009 spring camp when I did my morning comedy skit by ordering Small Macs at McDonalds. And the name Mac O'Bryan was an invention because it sounds legit Scottish.

I'm assuming Jon's Frosty came from "stay frosty" a quote from call of duty

J.Frosty said...

si, which means stay on your toes