DO NOT READ: "Challenge Accepted"

Warning: Getting on a horse may result in very sore testis

There's something about having that one person who you can really talk to and spend time with. Succeed or fail, the journey is definitely worth it. So to all you single dedicated subscribers this challenge goes out to you, GET ON THAT HORSE! I know each and every one of you and I know that anyone should be so lucky to be with you, Yes! YOU!!!!. I'd like to extend my left arm (cause the right is busy) out to you in hope that you will accept my challenge. How else are we gonna have family picnics and outings!?

Disclaimer: I have little to no experience in this matter =P

as a great person once told me, "suck it sideways"


Cathy said...

If it's a unicorn, will it still count?

Willy Bob said...

Interesting way to express the tip, but great none the less! lol Everyone deserves to be happy.